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Picture it…a dark, moonlit night. All Hallow’s Eve. There’s a faint knock on the door…but it’s long past the time for trick-or-treaters. Cautiously, you open the door a crack and, DAMN! Nick Stokes, Level 3 Gladiator!?!

The Nick Stokes Paper Doll Halloween Edition is HERE.

That’s right, folks! Fuesch and I have done it. Old skool, meet New skool. Paper Doll, meet Electronic Doll. Nick Stokes, meet the grope-y hands and drag-n-drop click-y mouse of your adoring fangirls. And this is only the beginning. A whole new Nearly Nekkid Nicky next month, too. And one each month after.

So, put down that plastic pumpkin full of candy, grab a little vino, and start getting’ Nicky all dressed up…
31.10.06 14:47

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