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Ho, ho, to all you Mr. Stokes hos! Heee! St. Nick has finally arrived and is all prepared to, ehem, shimmy down your chimney. *g*
This is not our normal paper doll entry, but, as was promised, something really special for all you jibbering fangirls out there. There's absolutely nothing in the world like the joy of unwrapping a, um, package on Christmas morning. And while it may not be the gift you were expecting, we hope it meets the needs of the ten-year-old in your heart and the older woman in your pants. *clears throat, blushes*

By the way, Fuesch wins for best. elf. ever. She makes my visions of sugar-plum-Nick come to life. None of the fantasticness you find at the end of the linkage would be there if not for her mad, wonderful skills. Please give her well-deserved love, won't you?

Merry Christmas to all, and to all a very good click-tastic, hot, Nick night. Yay!

25.12.06 16:16

From the desk of Nick Stokes...
Nick asked me and Kimonkey7 to pass along this little missive..

28.11.06 17:30

Picture it…a dark, moonlit night. All Hallow’s Eve. There’s a faint knock on the door…but it’s long past the time for trick-or-treaters. Cautiously, you open the door a crack and, DAMN! Nick Stokes, Level 3 Gladiator!?!

The Nick Stokes Paper Doll Halloween Edition is HERE.

That’s right, folks! Fuesch and I have done it. Old skool, meet New skool. Paper Doll, meet Electronic Doll. Nick Stokes, meet the grope-y hands and drag-n-drop click-y mouse of your adoring fangirls. And this is only the beginning. A whole new Nearly Nekkid Nicky next month, too. And one each month after.

So, put down that plastic pumpkin full of candy, grab a little vino, and start getting’ Nicky all dressed up…
31.10.06 14:47

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